The story of Rock and Heavy Metal band Violent Queen starts back in 1991. Singer/guitarist Eric and drummer Gert-Jan allready played together for almost 3 years when they decided that it was time for something new. In a timelapse of one year they wrote a whole new repertoire and the first demo was released. 

After a short stop in 1994, bassplayer Vincent ( who is still part of the band ) joined and the band started to play again. After that the band had a lot of gigs and they released 2 mini cd's , a full length album and an unplugged album. In 2007 Violent Queen again decided to lay down low. New material that was written was more suitable for a new project and that resulted in the birth of Evil's Desire ( 2007 - 2015) 

.In the meantime Violent Queen was not forgotten and the songs came by during practises and sometimes there also was a gig with Violent Queen. Early 2015 Eric, Gert-Jan and Vincent decided that it was time to bring the band back to life. Together wit a new face, 2nd guitarplayer Willem, the audience could get reknown with the band. Also a full length album ( for the 25 years jubileum) with old material but with a new sound was released. 

The band is now performing with the known material but they are working on new material and a new album. Violent Queen is back to stay!!!

Current Line-Up :

Steve - Vocals

Eric - guitar/vocals

Gert-Jan - drums

Willem - guitar/backing

Vincent - bassguitar