“Spreading the disease” BIO.
“Spreading the disease” is a modern metal band, the baby of “Steve Saunders” ex bassist of “The Self titled”. The band is based in KENT. UK. Born in late 2014.
Having spent five good years with the above mentioned band Steve decided to move on and create a band that allowed for a different approach to both band policy and creativeness. The end goal to produce a sound and music that although draws from many bands and influences throws it all into a melting pot and comes out the other side with something that in this day and age is hard to achieve, a sound of their own a distinctive style that cannot be pigeon holed to say the least.
The band has gone through a number of member changes and now consists of “Jack Apella” (drums and percussion), “Steve Saunders”(Bass and backing vocals), “Connor Russell Snyder” (Lead vocals) and “Martin Osbourne”(Guitars and Backing vocals).
Writing began in early 2015 which developed into some very original tracks with widespread influence ranging from “Pantera, Kill or be killed and Stone sour to Slipknot, Machinehead, Breed 77 and many more. The band’s music is contemporary and modern with amazing riffs, hooks and licks multi layered full of groove that hit you like a freight train. Having released the EP “Viral” to much acclaim and great reviews including a kkkk kerrang!” review which is rare for a debut EP, n 8/10 from Powerplay magazine plus many more great online reviews the band then set out throughout 2016 gigging right across the Country pretty much non stop again to much acclaim and great reviews. The band is extremely energetic and interactive with the crowds impressing everyone at every gig to date including gigs at the 02 Academy, Birmingham/ Rebellion,Manchester/Portland Arms,Cambs with Attica rage and many more. 2017 has seen the band festivals like “Facebargeddon with Raging Speedhorn, Evile Scarecrow and many others, headlined Scuzz TV sponsored and Trauma PR event “Facedown” London in the Scala venue,Dementia aware festival, Upload festival, Heaven and Hell festival supporting Adam Bomb and Quartz rock band to name a few,
2017 sees the band back out on many festivals very successfully and now beginning to headline some of their shows with dates spanning right through till November already.
The band were looking for a singer with presence, aggressiveness and stance who can command a stage and the crowd and they sure found it with “Connor Russell Snyder”. A voice full of anger and rage that is no nonsense in your face Balls out vocals that put the point across full stop. Sounding like he’s about to tear ya head off !. the band has a richness of talent between all the band members that shines through both on recordings and specially live with true professionalism and experience.
The bands first full album “Insurrection” has just been released now in September 2017 available on all major platforms and the bands website officially supported by a video clip of the first single from said album “Greed” which has now secured exclusive airplay on the World famous TV Channel “SCUZZ TV” which the band are very proud of..it is a cracking album full of rich intricate metal tracks full of melody, huge hooks and riffs and earworms that yet again establish the band as a band that creates its own style and path, opening up the music to many genres and approaches. The band has also recently filmed and a “Live video” to help promote the band for festivals and bookings . The band has just signed to a US Management company (BFJ Management Co) and working with a with a view to touring Europe and the USA hopefully next year 2018.
The official website has some very good reviews, music, photos, tour dates and much more and they believe in working closely with all aspects of the industry to help optimise their promotional wagon and at the same time supporting the Industry as a whole wherever possible is also a standard and staple part of the bands ideology that already has provided them with a good reputation for doing so and do it with good effect and commitment.
With dozens of Radios giving the band airplay all over the globe also with great acceptance things are looking up.. Catch them on the road soon to see their full on metal onslaught live and loud !.