From the filth of Utrecht, a band rose. Three stinky fellows joined forces with one goal in mind. Making feedback filled sludgemetal. They have been on the ride since 2013. Starting out as Sativa they later on became what they were always meant to be: Sons of Node. Node is an old Dutch word for Neude, meaning swampy depth.

Sons of Node has released two EP's so far. ODE TO THE END (2016) and MANICURE (2018). Sons of Node has played as a support band for bands like Stoned Jesus, Karma to Burn, The Midnight Ghost Train as well as earning a spot opening the pre-party of Dynamo Metalfest 2015.

Sons of Node had been described with the following words: “Stoner riffs being carried by thrashy rhythms, Venom-style songs include Kyuss parts. Followed by that undestined sound that three pieces are known for. But it all comes down to… Good shit!