Originating from Eindhoven NL, Scenario II brings Melodic Dark Death/Thrash Metal which distinguishes the band from others because of their spherical melodies fashioned with the frequent use of female vocals, grunts, twin guitars, quick riffs and killer drums.

Inspired by bands like In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir and Amorphis. The Band will guide you through dark scenario’s of a post - apocalyptical world.
In the past Scenario II has shared the stage with bands as Volbeat, Dark Tranquillity, Anathema, Testament , Trail of Tears, Mercenary, Orphanage, Moonspell and toured with Trail of Tears several times.
Scenario II's debut album “ Uniforms of Death” was received very well and acquired great reviews from several well known magazines.
During the past year the band recorded their second album “A New Dawn”.
Following the release the band will tour both inland and abroad.


            Myrthe van Beest - Female Vocals                    Mark van Doren - Guitars                                               Bas de Kruyff - Vocals

                 Liza Hoek - Bass                                                Daniel Boomsma - Guitars                                        Bas van den Boom - Drums


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