Pure and high-quality symphonic power metal

Nightqueen is a symphonic powermetalband from Genk in Belgium. Although their music is unique, you will hear that the band is influenced by Queensryche, Stratovarius and Iron Maiden.

Leading the band on stage up until recently was Keely Larreina who, with her clean and powerful voice, characterized the music in her own way. It all started at the end of 2004 when Rex Zeco founded the band. But it was not until the introduction of Keely in 2010 that the band started to work in a more professional way.

After the release of the demo-CD ‘Inauguration’ the band was picked up by Massacre Records where Nightqueen released their full-length debut-album ‘For Queen and Metal’ in early 2012. In 2014 the band signed another record deal with Belgian Wildgame Records and released the second album "rEvolution" in the same year. In the mean-time the band changed her line up completely as guitar god Adagio joined the band together with bass player Paddy Lee, drummer Andy Hermans and keyboard player Gio Zuccari and they have the firm belief that now they have found their ultimate line-up. Just recently new female vocalist Hellen Heart has joined the band and she really brings the music of Nightqueen to a higher level.

With this new line-up Nightqueen has started writing new material for their third full-length album, which will be entitled ‘Seduction’. The band aims at a september 2018 release.

On stage Nightqueen offers a full and exciting show, in all aspects. Their production includes a great musical experience as well as an amazing show with pyro's and great effects on stage.

Line up:

Hellen Heart - Lead vocals,

Rex Zeco - Guitar,

Adagio - Guitar, 

Andy Herman - Drums, 

Paddy Lee - Bass, 

Gio Zuccari - Keyboards