Downcast Collision is not a bandname as such, but rather an event, something which took place when the band collided with this universe and were cast down from their own. A freefall into the unknown. Stuck in this world, All they can really hope for is to find a way to merge both worlds into one.

Musically Downcast  Collision sounds like dark science; Modern trash and death infused with heavy, killer riffing and without much subtillety. Bold songs and dark vocals that deal with themes such as: Violence, Plagues of the Undead, The visions of lucifer and even travelling 


through dimensions  to find Clairvoyants. All that, while still managing to sound catchy enough for the melodies to get stuck in your mind and to never leave again.

Downcast Collision is the shadow side of love; it is the downside of up. It is the evil twin you secretly wish to be.

Downcast Collision toured with Death Metal legends  Six Feet Under in December 2016 to promote "Rise Up", the debut album by Downcast Collision, which was brought into existence early 2017