Bloodphemy is an old school death metal band from the Netherlands, influenced by Morbid Angel, Sadistic Intent and Obituary’s grooves. The first arize of this death metal unit was in the year 2000 and was intense, but short. After two years of chrushing stages in their live shows and releasing their fist album ‘Section 8’ Bloodphemy came to a full stop, but only to come back stronger and heavier than ever thirteen years later.

Bloodphemy started writing songs for a new album which lead to a 2-album recorddeal with Sleazy Rider Records in 2016. This year their second album ‘Blood Will Tell’ was released, which pulled the band back in the game. Just one year later Bloodphemy was ready to release yet another album called ‘Bloodline’ in mid 2017.

Since 2016 the band gained a steady live reputation in clubs and on festivals. In this short existence Bloodphemy played shows in Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and Austria and shared stages with Severe Torture, Vader, Entombed, Cryptopsy and many others.
2018 started with writing the new album which will be recorded in the Soundlodge (God Dethroned, Sinister ao). Keep checking their playlist to check Bloodphemy out on stage near you.

Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Endorsements: B.C. Rich, Cympad, Amedia & Ballbex

Bloodphemy’s Timeline
• The arize of Bloodphemy with:
o Wicliff Wolda (Beyond Belief) on bass
o Winfred Koster (Alterizer) on guitar
o Mathieu van Hamersveld (Pleurisy) on vocals
o Edwin Nederkoorn (Pleurisy) on drums
• Bloodphemy recorded and released their first album: ‘Section 8’
• Edwin Nederkoorn left Bloodphemy to focus on his other band Pleurisy
• Quint Meerbeek (nowadays Bodyfarm) joined Bloodphemy to replace Edwin on drums
• Bloodphemy comes to a full stop
• Bloodphemy was revived
o Wicliff Wolda on Bass
o Winfred Koster on guitar
o Edwin Nederkoorn on drums
o Arnold Oude Middendorp (ex Altar, ex Devious) on vocals
o Rutger van Noordenburg (Bleeding Gods, Shinigami) on second guitar
• Bloodphemy re-recorded the song Blood for Me from the 2002 album 'Section 8'.
(mixed and mastered by Harris Johns)
• Bloodphemy recorded the album ‘Blood Will Tell’
• Bloodphemy released a lyric video for ‘Folie à deux’ (Blood Will Tell)
• Bloodphemy signed a 2-album record deal with Sleazy Rider Records
• Bloodphemy released their second album ‘Blood Will Tell’
• Arnold Oude Middendorp left Bloodphemy
• Session vocalist Dirk Willems (ex Usthor, Deathmarch) replaced Arnold during the recordings of the album ‘Bloodline’
• Bloodphemy released a music video for ‘Catch 23’ (Blood Will Tell)
• Bloodphemy released a lyric video for ‘Void’ (Bloodline)
• Olivier van der Kruif (ex Judgement Day, Grindpad) joined Bloodphemy to replace Arnold on vocals.
• Bloodphemy released their third album ‘Bloodline’
• Rutger van Noordernburg left Bloodphemy to focus on his other bands Bleeding Gods and Shinigami
• Michel Allerliefsten (ex Sinister, Neoceaser) joined Bloodphemy to replace Rutger on second guitar.
• Bloodphemy released a music video for ‘Annihilation’ (Bloodline)
• Founding member Wicliff left Bloodphemy
• Robin Zwiep (ex KhaoZ, Meadows) replaced Wicliff on bass
• Bloodphemy started recording their fourth album